6 Top Things to See and Do in Argentina

With a landscape stretching from the Amazon to the South Atlantic, Argentina offers some of the most stunning natural features in the world. The rich heritage of its people comprising of Spanish, Italian, German and Jewish origins make its culture and cities vibrant and magnetic. If you are thinking of touring Argentina, there is plenty to see in people, places, and wildlife.

See the glaciers

There is a national park to see the wonderful formations of ice in nature. This is Los Glaciares National Park in Santa Cruz province. The most famous of these glaciers is the Perito Moreno that rises 60 meters high. A boat trip will usually take you on a tour where you will see these glaciers crashing into the sea.

Go to world’s end

The southernmost tip of Argentina is the jump-off point for many expeditions to Antarctica. There is Isla Martello where you can see a large colony of penguin. You can also take a hike up Glacier Martial. The sea at this part of the world is rich in sea wildlife including sea lions and different fish-preying birds.

Visit the Devil’s throat

Nearby the northern city of Puerto Iguazu are the Devil’s Throat waterfalls. They are so called because of the massive show of nature’s forces at play. This is the biggest system of waterfalls in South America. The massive noise made by the rushing water evokes a sense of awe in anyone who visits the place.

Go fine dining and wining in Mendoza

The towering Andes provide a picturesque backdrop to the beautiful vineyards that produce more than half of Argentina’s wine. The most famous of these vineyards and wineries are Chardonnay, Malbec, Torrontes, and Tempranillo.

A trip to Mendoza will be a boon for your eyes as well as your palate. There are wine tasting opportunities of what then become some of the world’s priciest wines. The wine is best tasted after feasting on one of Argentina’s flavorful dishes. Try the Asado, which is a slow-grilled meat dish.

Have a feel of old-world Spain in Salta

This city prides itself on having the best steak in Argentina. For a  meat-loving country, that is a tall boast to make, but have one of the steaks on offer here and you will believe it. The buildings in the city are in colonial architecture with brightly colored baroque churches, cobbled streets and the beautifully manicured town square.

Dance away in Buenos Aires

There is a magnetic vibrancy in Buenos Aires that will draw you in, and make you want to stay. Experience the rich mix of culture, and remember this is the capital of tango.

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