8 Popular Foods to Try in Argentina

Lots of meaty dishes with unforgettable flavors. That is what you get in Argentina. If you are watching your weight, be ready to be very tempted by the wide variety of delicious traditional meals, which feature beef or chicken as standard menu items. Next time you are in Argentina, forget your weight concerns and get ready to tickle your palette with these foods:

Asados Argentina

This is probably the most popular Argentine dish. It is made from different meats, mostly beef, and lamb. The meat is slow-grilled on charcoal, with herbs and spices to acquire a unique aroma. Christmas Asados are prepared exclusively from mutton or lamb.


This is the Argentine version of the meat pie. It is made by stuffing wheat dough pockets with cheese, ham, beef, chicken, and vegetables. The interesting bit about these delicacies is that they can be traced back to the moors of North Africa who passed them on to Spaniards, who in turn came to Argentina with the hot and spicy recipe. They are popular snack items.


This is another delicacy with Mediterranean origins. It can be traced to Italian immigrants into Argentina. It is made by hammering beef or chicken before rubbing in breadcrumbs. The meat is then fried or baked. Milanesa is popularly topped with cheese, fried eggs or tomato sauce, and eaten with French fries.

Carbonada Criolla

This is a popular meat stew dish that is eaten as a main dish. Beef chunks are cooked together with vegetables like onions, potatoes, carrots and winter squash. The sweet flavor comes from raisins and apricots in the dish.


This dish is commonly taken for breakfast. It is a kind of cheese with a thick crust topped with mozzarella cheese and barbecued onions. It is taken with strong coffee to start off the day.


This dish is served to celebrate Argentina’s national day on May 25th. It is a stew mixture of beef, tripe, corn and red chorizos with an assortment of vegetables and spices.


These are the most popular snacks in Argentina. This is a sandwich made by stuffing pork sausage in bread, along with vegetables. The caramelized onions and green peppers are popular additions. You will find Choripan at any street barbecue grill.

Llama meat

The llama is unique to South America. Argentines love its meat for lower fat content than beef. Ask for grilled llama for a whole new culinary experience. You can also ask for a llama empanada.

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