Thinking of Living in a Flatshare Manchester?

If you are looking to save on rent, or are looking for a different living experience, a flatshare Manchester arrangement is a good choice of getting both. This is a viable option if you are new to the city, or are looking to enjoy the cultural and background diversity of the city.

How much can you afford?

This is probably the first step in your search for a flatshare. You could first calculate your recurrent expenses such as meals, and hospital bills so as you can get the amount you can afford as rent from your monthly income.

Look up different options

Good flatshares are not exactly easy to get because the demand for affordable and quality accommodation is high. You will have to look in the right places and use the right people to get over the competition. Set up alerts from property sites like Spareroom. You can also use a few pounds for the services of a real estate agent, who has better knowledge and contacts on the ground.

Ask about the bills

In addition to the rent, there will be other costs like water, electricity and gas bills. Factor these in when comparing the costs of different flatshare options. You could afford the rent but then struggle to meet your share of the bills. Ask about all costs involved before making a commitment.

Ask the right questions

If you are coming into a group that is already settled, you will need to know if you are compatible with the people in the house. What is the policy on shared spaces? How are chores shared out? How are groceries purchased? What are the rules on guests? You need to ask these questions so that you can assess how compatible you are, instead of getting into a flatshare where the conflict will frequently come up.

The tenancy agreement

Look closely at the fine print in the tenancy agreement. What does it say about bills? Will you be held responsible for shared bills even when you have paid up your share? What does it say about breaking the tenancy agreement? How fast will you get a refund of the tenancy deposit?  Take the time to read and understand the tenancy agreement.

Living in a flatshare

Each flatshare is unique on the account of the different personalities in the house. Some will be rowdy while some will be barely noticeable. You have to be prepared to accept people for who they are. A flatshare Manchester is a unique opportunity to meet and know new people.

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